We work hard to get you the best results we can. And we love it when you have an outcome that makes you delighted!

Perfect and exactly what I was looking for…..Thank you! S.W.                                   

You are the Best! N.A.
Thanks a lot! Everything worked out fine. Very smooth and your team was terrific. R.H.
You guys are great. Looking forward to seeing you soon. L.A.
You guys get a great big thanks. J.F.
Thanks so much to everyone for a job very well done! C.M.
I'd say thank YOU for your work for me this year. The house is wonderful. G.W.
I've been meaning to tell you how much I enjoyed working with your team. It was particularly enjoyable after my experience with WAMU.
You are excellent in your communication skills and keeping on top of it all plus keeping in touch with me. A very good experience. J.I.
We are looking forward to doing many deals with your firm. E.N.
I hope that you're making it through the downturn in good shape. Mortgage brokers are taking some heat now, and I'm glad that I knew
(and know) one of the good, ethical ones. E.P.
You used ingenuity and creativity in loan sourcing and structuring in a safe manner so there was never any risk to me or to the
transaction, which closed smoothly and on schedule. J.F.
We are at last at our goal! Last year and this coming we are able to work overseas in India and Africa giving our time to train
teachers, counselors, parents, and work with children while we live off the income from our properties in the US. I just wanted to thank you
as you were such a help and inspiration toward these objectives a few years back. We did it!!
We really appreciate all the extra work you did for us on the mortgage on the Villa North Beach. While Larry and I have never had an
easy mortgage, this one was certainly the most challenging. We will not hesitate to recommend your company in the future to others.
Thanks again. Richard & Larry
I am writing to thank you for all the excellent and very professional assistance you have given in helping place my mortgages. You
have been great to work with, fast, effective, polite, diligent, well organized, well equipped, and knowledgeable. I really needed to get
these loans processed before the rates when up, and you came through like a CHAMP! I am going to recommend you to all of my
friends. Although I have no further need for refinancing at this time, I sincerely hope we can stay in contact and continue to meet
socially. R.H.
Thank you very much for your patient and competent guidance during my refinancing efforts. My appreciation and compliments follow
conversations with several other financing professionals. Your explanations of the process and advice on what would make one loan
better than another were the best. Michael & Cynthia
It's a true pleasure to work with you and your clients. It is important to work with people you can trust. I hope this gift reminds you of
how great we think you are - every time you write out a new loan request form. E.R.
This letter is to express our thanks for a job well done. It's been several years since you put our home-refinancing package together,
but my family and I are still reaping the benefits. As you may remember, our refinancing effort was a complicated one. You had the
unique ability to put our deal together in short order. We saved hundreds of dollars per months, sufficient for me to work at home with
my son, and as a by-product I was able to resume my career as a writer.  Al & Alba
It's gratifying to hear borrowers always complementary of you and your services and who are well briefed regarding all aspects of their
transaction. I especially want to commend you on the teamwork and professionalism with which you and your staff present to my
office and your clientele. The conscientiousness to details and "Going the extra mile" that you and your company put forth to assure
your transactions are successfully completed is quite apparent to us. F.O.
It is very unusual in this business that we have the pleasure to transact business with very knowledgeable brokers. To
close an escrow, knowledge of the real estate market is not enough. The true professional has to have negotiating abilities along with
integrity, to provide his client with the best representation possible. We applaud you as you truly demonstrated those
unique qualities in our recent transaction. Moreover, your creativeness and your ability to work with others is extraordinary. Best
wishes on your endeavors. We look forward to working with you again. G.L.
Frequently, consumers trumpet unfulfilled expectations for services that their hard earned dollars have paid: yet tacitly applaud
outstanding service as happenstance. The service and professionalism you and your staff have demonstrated while processing my
loan application have been impressive. I would feel quite confident recommending Smith-Craine Finance to my clients as well as my
friends. Thank you for being consistently reliable. E.R.
Thanks again for a mission impossible! I'm real happy with my new home. L.D.